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The changing role of Temporary Staff

Traditionally, the role of Temporary staff has been to assist and provide extra help during peak periods.

This service is playing an increasingly important role in supporting the extra demands placed on business, in response to todays highly flexible market.

An increasing number of companies are now making strategic use of the high calibre Temporary Staff we provide, as part of their normal staffing requirements. This allows increased flexibility should there be a 'Slow Down' in business, a streamlining in business or unexpected seasonal changes.

Reliability and Reputation

The staff at Driver UK have actual 'Hands On' experience themselves within supply chain, and logistics operations.

This is just one of the reasons you can be assured that we have your operational concerns as our main concern.

At Driver UK, we appreciate the need for a reliable workforce. For this reason, we assess our temporaries very carefully and test their commitment. We will only supply you with staff that we feel certain will deliver the service that you require, when you require it.

You may be using another staff supplier at the moment. If you are considering a review of your current arrangements we would be happy to supply you with names of current Driver UK customers so you can hear from them about their direct experience of Driver UK


We take pride in knowing our applicants as well as we know our clients. We tailor our service to meet each individual clients requirements.

Telephone us and we will do all we can to help.

A Fast, Fair and Efficient Service

Since the need for temporary staff is often unexpected or urgent, Driver UK is geared up to respond rapidly to your requests. You can speak to Driver UK - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advance bookings are confirmed the same day. If you have a more urgent request, we will aim to supply you a temporary worker within the hour.

Our Staff

When people register with DRIVER UK, our priority is you.

We take the process of selection as seriously as you would.

We test their knowledge, experience and document this in detailed worker files, supported by documented reference checks.

We take pride in then matching skills and experience to your requirements.

We only provide workers with the 'right' levels of experience to meet your needs.

Temp to Perm Deals

With Driver UK, permanent placements are FREE. We offer a facility of full time placements quickly and professionally, without the need for trial and error.

Training Services

Many of our clients see us as a 'One Stop Shop' for many of their service requirements as we are able to offer extremely beneficial packages comprising of both temporary & permanent staff, whilst offering a comprehensive range of training packages which we are finding is a growing requirement and benefit for many organisations.

Responding to your needs

You can be confident that by using DRIVER UK, you will save your company time and money.

A telephone call to one of our experienced staff who are on hand 24 hours, 7 days a week will quickly resolve your staffing problems. The success of DRIVER UK is the fact that our consultants really know the people they assign to any given job, and have created strong working relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Our contracted workers know that our reputation for reliability is wholly dependant on theirs.. They know we only deal with staff that are prepared to give us and our valued clients 100% commitment.

By the same token, our reputation for treating people honestly and with respect, for paying fair rates and for prompt payment is well known. In fact, it is one of the chief reasons for our continued success in attracting the best contract staff available. This in turn plays a major part in enabling us to respond rapidly to your needs.